Advance Line | Total Skin Control

At present in the world of cosmetics, we hold back the signs of time using liposomes with active stimulating ingredients, also R.N.A., D.N.A., or collagen are regulary used in creams. These are animal substances.
With the growing demand from consumers for vegetable and herbal- based products a flurry of activity has been initiated in the phyto-cosmetica to meet the demand of substituting all animal- based products.

The Advance line is a result of the hard work done to satisfy the needs of the user fully.
For example hydrolysed caroteen has the same molecular make up as collagen.

B.C.M. (Biomimetic Cytokine Modulator) is a protein that is well tolerated by the skin as the structure is physiological (biomimetic). It is hypo-allergenic with softening properties. The cellular interchange is improved and stimulated. Toxine drainage is accelerated which results in an increase in tolerance and a reduction in irritation and sensitivity.

We are all aware of the link between stress and ageing. Our cells release an increased toxine count when under stress.
As the toxines are rapidly drained by the B.C.M., absorption of active ingredients in the Advance line will be increased, thus working as a anti-ageing agent.
Designed for comfort and especially suited to skin treatments, the Advance line will be used by skins exposed to contemporary stress. The Advance line creates a natural balance for sensitive and irritated skins. 
Especially developed for the people with a sensitive skin or when your skin is suffering from ageing, pollution, over exposure of the sun or other harmful influence of the environment. The ligne advance guarantees a fresher skin tone and helps slow down the ageing process. It will also balance your skin. Further information is avaible in the special brochure of the Ligne  Advance that your beautician can provide you with.

Ligne Advance is created by DermaPrime using only the very best ingredients available in modern cosmetic technology.

The aim was to create a line, especially designed to balance, brighten and restore the skin that is suffering from ageing, pollution, overexposure to the sun and other harmful influences of the environment. Ligne Advance incorporates one of the most important cosmetic discoveries of recent times B.C.M. (Biomimetic Cytokine Modulator) along with active ingredients proven to be highly effective for erasing the footsteps of time from the skin.
B.C.M., or in short Cytokines, are small protein fragments that have different effects to each individual cell. Cytokines keep the skin brighter, younger and free from wrinkles. B.C.M ´s are hypo- allergenic and softening for the skin, and increase the cell’s metabolism.

  • Renewing        
  • Restorative
  • Total skin control
  • Brightening
  • Protective

Renewing improves epithelisation (B.C.M., Sacchalamine, Hyaluronic Acid). Helps balance out the
effects of exposure to stress and ageing.

Restorative keeps the skin young by introducing needed nutrients.(Retinol, Vitamins A and E, Soya bean oil)

Brightening whiter skin (Botanical skin lightening agent) and a tone balancer.

Protective reinforces immunity against harmful UV rays (sun filters)

Ligne Advance offers you a complete line of beauty products:

  • Lait démaquillant
  • Gel démaquillant
  • Lotion
  • Fluid
  • Crème Ultra Protection
  • Crème 24- uur crème
  • Masque
  • Crème contour des yeux
  • Gommage
  • Serum anti rides yeux
  • Serum Lift