AQUÉXTREME | Total Skin Hydratation

Imagine a milliion tiny sponges soaked in a pure cocktail of goodness.
Imagine nature,s most precious extracts and juices collected fro you
Imagine an invisible mist of beautifying droplets draped over your skin.
Imagine a line of products created to infuse your skin with continuous moisture an energy.

Imagine AQU, extreme

Intense hydratation for a skin that is healthy, plump, smooth and full of vital force. Enriched with water logged Iceland Moss sourced from nature to invigorate your skin. Bringing total moisture from all angles to all levels of the skin.

Water is the heart of all our cells and of life itself.

Actives and Technology

Multi Dimensional Moisturising Complex or MMS, offers a 360 degree approach to hydratation thanks to a complementary blend of botanical, biotechnical and peptidic actives that act at different levels.

At the level of the Epidermis, the MMC:

  • has an immediate film-forming action, which creates a superficial layer of the epidermis. The second-skin effect limits Trans-Epidermal Water Loss.
  • helps reconstitute the stock of NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor). The NMF acts like microsponges, maintaining the water in the epidermis.
  • provides the potassium ions required to preserve the osmotic equilibrium of the cell.
  • provides essential Fatty Acids and stimulates the synthesis of epidermal lipids, including ceramides, to strengthen the barriers function.
  • stimulates the expression of Aquaporins in the epidermis, enhancing cutaneous irrigation.

At the Dermal-Epidermal Junction, the Multi-dimensional Moisturising Complex:

  • interacts with the most relevant protein structures of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction. It improves structural integrity, epidermal nourishment and molecular communication within the skin.

At the level of the Dermis, the  Multi-dimensional Moisturising Complex:

  • boosts the natural hyalrunic acid synthesis and increases collagen production fo in-depth and sustainable hydratation.

Targeting moisturisation from all angles offers a global solution fo amazing results.

Iceland moss is a lichen, a composite life form made up of two symbiotic species, a distict fungal species and an algal species, bound together in a mutually beneficial association called symbiosis. The green alga synthesis is responsible for the absorbtion and retention of nutrients through water. Dry lichen can quickly absorb from 3 to 35 times its weight in water! Lichens do not have roots, consequently, they possess an exceptional capacity to absorb moisture from the atmosphere present in rain, dew and even fog, and store it in their cells. This property becomes especially beneficial during the dry season.
Icalnd Moss contains large amounts of polysaccharides (lichenin and isolychenin) galactomannas and glucans, which bring moisturising benefits to the skin, and lichenolic acids and aliphatic lichen acids that are know to have strong antibiotic properties. It has been used since ancient times as a cough remedy, and has also been used in European folk medicin as a cancer treatment.

1600 Miracle Water One step cleanser & toner
1606 Aquargy Moisture cream
1608 Deep water moisture Rich cream
1610 Skin oasis Unlimited moisture mask
1612 Aqua pulp Total hydatation serum