Basic Line

Sensitive Skin

For dry and sensitive skin.

The Sensitive line promotes the action of the sebaceous glands soothes and calms the skin.
Jojoba oil is the main ingredient of the ligne sensible.

  • 0100 Cleansing milk all skin types (paraben free)
  • 0102 Cleansing mousse sensitive skin
  • 0103 Refreshing Lotion All skin Types (paraben free)
  • 0106 24 hr. Cream sensitive Skin with Shea butter, almond and cocos oil(paraben free)
  • 0110 Sensitive Mask based on kaolin and Edelweiss extract

Normal / Combined Skin

Ligne Balance

For normal and combination skin.

The phytocomplex A, a blend of plant extracts, is incorporated into all five products of the ligne balance.All the products have a reinforcing and stimulating effect on the skin.

  • 0200 Cleansing Milk normal / combined skin
  • 0204 Balancing Lotion normal / combined skin
  • 0206 24 Hr Cream normal / combined skin with Rose & Arnica extract, Vitamin A, E and B6 
  • 0210 Rebalncing Clay mask based on Oligo elements and sage extract

Greasy / Acne prone Skin

Purifying Line

This line of skin care products has been specially formulated for greasy, blemisched acne-prone and irritated skin.

The main ingredient, propolis is produced by bees and is well known for its antiseptic and regenerating properties.

  • 0302 Aqua purifiant, a unique gentle gel cleanser. Better than soap ans soft as a cleansing milk.Will
  • not dry out the skin
  • 0304 Purifying Lotion based on Arnica, rosemary and propolis extract
  • 0306 24 Hr Cream with propoilis, iris, edelweiss and lavender extract
  • 0310 Purifying Mask with fuller,s earth, kaolin, edelweiss and propolis extract.

Atrophic / Mature Skin

Intensif Line

A(prematurely) aging skin loses elasticity and tone and requires special care. Fresh Apple Stem Cells, Edelweiss extract and karite Butter from West Africa restores the balance in the outer skin layer and stimulates skin metabolism.

  • 0100 Milk alls Skin Types
  • 0104 Lotion All skin Types
  • 0406 24 Hr Cream
  • 0410 Masque for visibly improved skin circulation provides relaxing and firming benefits